Get a smart outlook
find relevant levers of action
A diagnosis to provide guidance regarding travel plans and CSR strategy

- Companies are key actors -
in succeeding at making mobility more sustainable

Optimizing work-related mobility responds to
current human, economic and environmental challenges.

Companies play an important role
in building the future of mobility.

BDO Advisory provides them with a tool to
reinvent the diagnosis of employees' mobility.

In France, only 8% of all firms are subject to the obligation of sharing a Company Travel plan conform to regulations.

- Corporate Mobility -
online tool aimes to enhance mobility strategies

A complete analysis tool
  • Key KPIs: trips, duration, means of transport, activities while commuting, perception of trips
  • Emission of CO2 related to commuting and other work-related trips
  • Mobility services provided by the company
  • Benchmark between sites, with other companies and the city
  • Levers for action adapted to the Mobitype profiles of employees and challenges they are facing
A tool aimed at providing guidance for the Mobility strategy
  • Design of the Company Travel plan
  • CSR approach (carbon footprint, potential improvements)
  • Communicating on the company's responsibility
A digital and user-friendly tool
  • Company's autonomy with regard to their Mobility Strategy
  • Access to the results on a data vizualisation platform

- Discover the Mobitypes -
and identify the most relevant levers for action

- How does it work ?-
Corporate Mobility is a 3-step digital service


  • 10-minute online survey is to be addressed to your employees via a unique link of access
  • Anonymous answers
  • Consultation can be conducetd by site and country

Overview and diagnosis

  • Mobitypes mobility profiles are designed and generated through algorithmic processing
  • CO2 emissions calculated using reference values
  • Restitution of all mobility measures resulting from the staff survey

Levers of action

  • Identification of levers for action in accordance with suggested objectives (reduction of the carbon footprint, organisation of work...)
  • Benchmarks (gradual implementation)

- BDO Advisory, expert in Mobility -

Large databases on Mobility available online

Comparisons available for 33 cities, 20 countries, 4 continents

10 years of analysis of mobility ecosystems

Using data science to support a systemic vision of Mobility

Robust and global classification of Mobility Types (Mobitypes) enabling a relevantData driven strategy thanks to a coherent vision of Mobility demand and supply